Property Information


691 Riverside Street
Ventura, CA

Leasing Information

(805) 641-4051

Riverside Apartments is home to a 23-unit affordable, multifamily complex designed to serve low-income families with children. All units have either two or three bedrooms with ample living space incorporating a great room with an open kitchen/dining area/living area, and a breakfast bar. Community amenities include a community room, laundry room, playground, a mini soccer field, and a centrally located picnic/BBQ area. The development offers parking for cars in addition to bicycle parking.

The project incorporates sustainable construction best practices, with an emphasis on energy and water conservation. The property, which is Net Zero, incorporates photo voltaic solar panels on the roof, solar hot water heating, and rainwater harvesting to water the drought-tolerant landscaping. The units features Energy Star appliances, LED lighting, high-efficiency heating, and energy-conserving windows and insulation. Wherever practical, the project incorporates recycled and repurposed materials.

Location: Ventura, California
Property Type: Family
Units: 23