Chuck Packard


Chuck serves as Chief Financial Officer for Pacific American Development. He is a highly skilled, financial veteran expert with over 30 years of experience spanning industries from aviation, automotive, financial services, real estate development and technology. Chuck holds a BS and MBA from the University of Toledo.

Previously Chuck served as Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board for U.S. Ambassador George Argyros and The Argyros Family Interests. Mr. Packard has led several distressed corporate acquisitions and successful turnarounds including the due diligence, financial analysis, acquisition, operations, and disposition of the Seattle Mariners Baseball Team, AirCal Airlines, and TicketMaster. He was instrumental in the development of California Speedway and its subsequent sale to International Speedway Corporation.

Chuck served as Principal and Chief Financial Officer of an investment fund responsible for numerous real estate acquisitions, project development, and property management portfolio in excess of $3.5 billion. He developed various due diligence analyses for multiple businesses to determine the proper valuation prior to acquisition. He was instrumental in improving operational and financial performance to increase valuations for a liquidity event by developing a disciplined financial approach utilizing Business-Specific Performance Metrics for all operating businesses to maximize annual cash flow and disposition valuation.

He has served as board member of several public companies, including Kaiser Resources, Chair of Audit Committee, and Chair of Special Board Committee. In addition, Chuck served as Chairman, and currently serves as a member of the Orange County Employees Retirement System, a $13 billion pension fund.