Resident Spotlight: Mae Hawthorne

Our resident spotlights are aimed at learning how our communities have assisted and provided for those in each community.

Where were you living prior to living at Villa Anaheim?

Mae Hawthorne was living in a house in the surrounding area with her daughter and daughter’s family prior to living at Villa Anaheim.

How did you become involved with this property or how did you hear about it?

Mae’s daughter saw the property as it was being built, contacted the manager at the time, and scheduled an appointment for Mae to see the community. Mae did so and immediately put in her application. At the time of Mae submitting her application the residents were chosen based off of a lottery system and she was one of the ones that was chosen. She shortly moved in after that.

How long have you been a resident?

Mae has been a resident of Villa Anaheim since the senior community first opened in 1994 making her a resident for going on to 23 years. When she first moved in the rent was $99 a month.

What do you like most about living at Villa Anaheim?

She loves that she’s in a safe area and community.

What onsite activities do you like to participate in?

Mae is extremely active at her church which is located in Compton so stays busy that way. When we walked in she was actually on the phone with a church member answering one of their questions and once off she said that everyone calls her with their questions. She was involved with three choirs at the church but realized that she was a little too busy so decided to focus her energy on one choir group.

How do you feel living at Villa Anaheim has changed your life?

Mae has gotten to know four property managers throughout her time at Villa Anaheim and said that she is affected each time a new manager comes in.

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