Resident Spotlight: Rolando and Lolita Padua

Our resident spotlights are aimed at learning how our communities have assisted and provided for those in each community.

Where were you living prior to living at Villa Anaheim?

Rolando and Lolita were living in their home in Villa Park, California from 1992-2014. They decided that they needed to live in a community where they had access to help (maintenance) other than just themselves.

How did you become involved with this property or how did you hear about it?

The couple heard about the property from a friend. They soon after moved from their home to Villa Anaheim.

How long have you been a resident?

They’ve been residents of Villa Anaheim going on 3 years.

What do you like most about living at Villa Anaheim?

Rolando and Lolita quickly listed off several things that they love about Villa Anaheim:

  • Quiet
  • Nice
  • Safe – they don’t have to worry about their safety as when they lived in their previous home
  • They have people to help them with maintenance vs. them doing it themselves as homeowners
  • The other residents and the property manager

What onsite activities do you like to participate in?

They both like the exercise classes that are offered. They mentioned that classes are offered through EngAGE and just recently were changed.

How do you feel living at Villa Anaheim has changed your life?

The Padua’s are happy at Villa Anaheim – They love it and they feel safe.

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