Deanne Cecil

Director of Resident Services and Welfare Exemptions

Recognizing that the needs and interests of our residents are paramount over our own, Deanne oversees the development and operations of Integrity Housing’s resident services programs. From negotiating with service providers and program fund management to design and execution of services offered at each community, she is integrally involved. Deanne also manages the Michael Ward “ACE” Grant program which awards funds to organizations serving the affordable housing community. Deanne has over 10 years of experience in affordable housing. With her certification as a Professional Service Coordinator from the American Association of Service Coordinators, and her degree in Psychology from the University of California San Diego, Deanne has brought valuable insight in assessing the services that best meet the needs of our residents.

Deanne also leads our welfare exemption team. From a project’s inception through its operations she works closely with our partners and property management teams to ensure compliance for a successful welfare exemption program which is critical to a successful project.